Get more free space on large ext3 partitions

Storage capacities have grown exponentially over the past few years and it is not uncommon when building new systems to configure file systems on volumes larger than a 1TB. By default ext3 partitions reserve 5% of the space for the system. On large partitions this is much more than necessary and can be safely reduced to 1% with “tune2fs -m 1 /dev/hd??”

3ware RAID controllers and the command prompt

3ware makes some great RAID products however when it comes down to configuring them things get a little confusing as their website isn’t completely clear what is offered in the packages available for download. Suffice to say that if you are looking to manage a 3ware RAID controller from a Linux command prompt then the little gem you’re looking for is called ‘tw_cli’ and NOT the 3dm2 package which is some sort of web interface frontend package; completely useless to shell guys like me.

If you are reading this and have already went down the 3dm2 road like I did, you can get rid of it by running “install.3dm uninstall” which isn’t that intuitive or obvious but works great! Just make sure you kill the 3dm2 processes first if they’re running.

Then head over to 3ware and get the goods:

JW/Dev site launch

Welcome to my humble beginning. My Name is James Williams creator and sole contributor to JW/Dev.  The mission and purpose of this blog is twofold: a) Document and provide a reference for myself and b) Share thoughts and interests with the world.  I welcome you to my personal library!